Enhance learning, build skills for life

Self-discovery and personal development for learners in further education, building the skills for success in college, work and life.

Introducing Skilful

Skilful is a personality-based, online platform that builds the selfawareness, confidence, independence, and employability of learners by providing practical advice on how to play to their strengths, manage their downsides, deal with stress, work as part of a team, etc. It supports their behavioural development, underpinning the mandatory ‘behaviours’ aspects of apprenticeships and in helping all learners make the most of their learning experience and transition successfully and more seamlessly into the world of work.

It supports and develops tutors as practitioners, by providing insight into their own personalities and the dynamics of their tutor groups, with practical advice on lesson planning, adapting their own style to particular groups for optimal learning, as well as in providing 1-1 support for individual learners.

Skilful supports training providers in enhancing and tailoring the learner experience, improving learner attraction, retention and maximising learning outcomes for life and work, beyond the subject matter.

Learner self-discovery and advice

Learning modules built around learners’ individual personalities, to build self-awareness and selfconfidence, with practical advice on:

  • Personality profile
    What you’re really like
  • Where you’re great
    Your personal strengths, what are you brilliant at?
  • Where you might struggle
    Things that don’t come naturally, that you will have to work at
  • What stresses you out
    What situations cause you stress and how to manage them
  • Learning and being taught
    How you best learn, how to make learning work for you
  • Teamwork
    Understanding your impact and how you contribute in a team
  • Friendships
    What are you like as a friend? What do you need in friendships?
  • Jobs and Careers
    What kind of work activities and job roles will you be most successful at?
  • Work Environments
    What to look for in a workplace for you to be able to perform at your best

Learning about peers and friends
Through comparing with others, learners develop an understanding of their unique strengths and contributions, as well as those of their peers. They are encouraged to value differences as they learn how to adapt to one another, lean on each other and see the true meaning of teamwork.

Self-discovery and advice

Supporting Tutors

Supporting Tutors

Every tutor brings their own personality and experiences to their work, and to the way they engage with learners. Skilful provides tutors with:

  • Insight into their own personality and most natural teaching style, and how to adapt
  • An understanding of the dynamics at play in different learner groups to be able to tailor lesson plans and manage the groups
  • Support on engaging with individual students and bringing out the best in them
  • Track learner’s progress through their bespoke learning modules

For my organisation

Through better supported learners and more informed tutors your organisation will have:

  • Improved employability and employment outcomes for learners
  • Increased learner engagement and satisfaction ratings
  • Advanced practitioners, supported in their personal development
  • Increased learner and tutor retention

Self-discovery and advice

Try it out for yourself, for real

Go through the whole learner experience. Discover your own personality profile, your strengths, and also where you’re not so strong.

Explore a selection of personality-based learner modules and compare yourself with other personalities in an example tutor group.

Switch to a tutor view of the group to explore the class dynamics and get practical advice for adapting teaching styles according to the group, for lesson planning, and for 1-1 support for individual learners.

For the best experience use on a desktop/laptop