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Learn real life management techniques and professional skills, in a simple and practical way, through interactive, online courses.

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Business Solutions

Individual manager

For Individuals

Become a better manager, build great teams, and drive your career forward.

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Small business

For Small and Medium Sized Businesses

Give your managers the skills they need to run the business more effectively.

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Large business

For Large Businesses

A simple and cost effective way to make the latest management learning techniques available for your workforce.

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From my perspective Skilful is the perfect fit for advancing middle managers. It allows the individual to be selective about the sections which are most relevant at any one time and due to the structure it can be slotted into even the busiest of schedules. Skilful is an extremely cost effective method of training and is an excellent fit to our business needs.

Head of R&D, Global Flavor and Fine Ingredients Company
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Practical Courses

Develop the skills and confidence to become a better manager. Dip in and out of various courses, or master a subject and move on - fits around your workload. Here are some of the courses available in our library:

Difficult Conversations Course Graphic

Difficult Conversations

Carla Wise

Presented by
Carla Wise

I’ll show you how to give bad news or feedback and resolve problems in a positive way to keep your team on track.

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Difficult Conversations course.

Appraisals Course Graphic


Bill McAneny

Presented by
Bill McAneny

I’ll take you through all the practical skills you need to conduct appraisals that will engage and motivate staff and drive up performance.

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Appraisals course.

Motivating Your People course graphic

Motivating Your People

Tracey Rotsey

Presented by
Tracey Rotsey

People have different drivers and it’s important to understand each of them and get everyone working at their optimum level. I’ll show you how.

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Motivating Your People course.

Expert tutors

Participate in online courses designed and presented by world-class management tutors. All their experience and expertise at your fingertips.

Practice managing

Role-play various management scenarios and experiment with different responses. Build your confidence in dealing with everyday management situations by practicing getting it right.

Additional resources

In addition to taking structured courses, you can also browse and learn in the ‘Discover’ section. Short, targeted videos, articles and downloads.

Take a tour of the system

Let us take you through the whole system and show you how everything works, including how the courses are structured, the different types of activities, and the badges and points.

Helping people become better managers

We’ve had three performance management problems this year, two cost me time and money, the one that went well, the manager was using

Business Manager, Engineering and Manufacturing
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Communication of knowledge is brought to life with the mixture of videos, quizzes and interactive scenarios. Each section is broken into small chunks making it easy to schedule and digest as well as fitting around your working week.

Product Performance Manager, Engineering and Manufacturing
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