Frequently asked questions

Here are some answers to our most frequently asked questions. Can't find the answer to your question? Please get in touch and let us know - we'd love to help.

What is is an online management development platform where managers can learn real life management techniques and professional skills, in a simple and practical way, through our online management development courses.

What are the main features?

Fully Structured online courses
You can learn an entire subject from start to finish, or jump straight to the part you need right now and you can go back to refresh.
Delivered by real experts
Skilful have partnered with industry experts who bring all their experience and knowledge through one, easy to use portal.
Covering all the major management and professional topics
Such as interviewing or building your team, or day-to-day issues like delegating, running meetings or dealing with difficult people.
Access whenever you need it
Managers can access Skilful anytime throughout the year, and there are no limits on the number of times they can run through a course or activity.
Immersive learning
Our courses include practice activities so that managers can role-play various management scenarios and experiment with different responses. This makes the learning much more immersive, as users can make choices and see the consequence of those choices. We find this really gives them the skills and confidence to do things they couldn’t do before, like give and interview or have a difficult conversation.
Managers can unlock points and badges as they progress through the courses. These are a great way for people to see how far they’ve come and track their progress.

How much does Skilful cost?

Full access to all courses, including new courses as soon as they’re released, all for £25 per manager per month (we do offer discount for larger groups of people). This way managers can dip in and out of courses throughout the year and access training right at the time they need it. Everything they need, in one place, for one fee.

How does Skilful link to existing HR and management practices in my organisation?

We understand that all organisations are different. Each has their own policies and ways of working. Skilful doesn't replace HR processes and advice, but what it does is support managers and give them the confidence to implement the organisation’s processes by teaching fundamental principles and skills. Skilful regularly reinforces the need to check the organisations HR policies, or to seek advice from other more senior managers and HR professionals for support.

How do I launch Skilful in my organisation and how can you help me?

When you’re investing in a resource like Skilful we all want to make sure it gets off to a strong start. Skilful developed a simple implementation process to help manage the roll out of the tool. And we have a toolkit with various different resources, from videos to PowerPoint presentations to template emails to help you communicate with the managers in your organisation.

How can I measure the impact of having Skilful?

We can track usage and the courses that are of particular interest within your organisation, however, it's the changes on the ground, day-to-day that really matter. So Skilful can offer advice on creating personal development plans and linking Skilful courses to individual learning or performance objectives. Our view is that the important thing is the improved confidence and performance of managers in the workplace, which is typically assessed in the organisation’s appraisal or performance review processes and through feedback.

What are the system requirements?

Skilful is an online, hosted service and can be accessed online at All you need is to have a modern internet browser with Flash installed, an internet connection, and your Skilful login details.

Skilful is supported in:

  • Chrome (45.x and later)
  • Firefox (34.x and later)
  • Internet Explorer (9 and later)
  • Safari (9.x and later)
  • IOS Safari

How do you look after our information?

At Skilful we take good care of our customer’s data. Our data is hosted with a well-known, specialist third-party provider. All data is held within data centres in the UK. More info at

What if Skilful goes down?

We guarantee 99% availability throughout the year. Our servers are monitored 24/7 and we continuously check connectivity and response times from multiple locations around the globe to ensure maximum availability. We periodically update our servers and software, and sometimes this may mean a small amount of planned downtime. In these instances, we will endeavour to run planned updates at off-peak times to minimise any potential interruptions to our services.

What support is available?

The Skilful team are always on hand during normal office hours (8am-5pm GMT) to help with any queries (and we’ll get back to emails out of hours too). We’re also happy to bounce ideas around so if you need some advice about implementing Skilful or integrating it into other in-house programmes or processes just drop us a line at 8o or call is on 0203 621 5174 and we’ll be happy to talk it through with you.

Can I add Skilful to my intranet?

Yes, we can give you a link and a logo to make it easy to find.

What if I want to contact one of the Skilful course tutors?

You or the managers are more than welcome to contact our tutors directly with any questions about the courses or additional support. Their details are available via Skilful (we’re not into introduction fees etc).

Can I specify courses for managers?

Of course you can in managers’ development plans and on your communications. We’re looking to build a playlist feature to allow organisations to recommend courses to their managers in the next 6 months.

Can I use Skilful to support other Management Development initiatives?

Of course. Skilful can be a great resource for people who are already on management development programmes, having coaching, or other training programmes as it works as practical reference point for dealing with management situations day to day, in between the formal sessions. Courses can also be referenced in people’s personal development plans and in appraisals, then the manager and their boss can set objectives to track progress.

Who is Skilful?

Skilful comes from Prelude Consulting Limited, a management consultancy established in 1991 with a track record of helping managers and executives at all levels improve their performance through both face to face initiatives and developing online systems. Prelude has experience across many sectors including Energy, Finance, Public Sector, Leisure, Retail, Manufacturing, Engineering, FMCG and has worked with small businesses through to FTSE 100 businesses across the globe. Skilful also brings the wealth of experience of the team of expert Tutors who all work independently but contribute their knowledge and practical advice to the Skilful courses.