Knowing Personality Types

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Course Description

Do you want to:

  • Be able to spot different personalities?
  • Understand why you ‘click’ with some people but not others?
  • Get along better with people by understanding the differences between personality types?
  • Learn what you are like in a relationship?
  • Manage conflict effectively. Some people dislike and avoid conflict, whereas others use it to solve problems and get things done?
  • Find out how to motivate and get the best out of different personality types?
This intensely practical course will show you how deal with different personalities and show you how to maximize your own impact and potential using real life scenarios.

Course content


  • The Essentials of Personality
  • Personality and Behaviour

Extravert vs Introvert

  • Introduction to Extraversion and Introversion
  • How do you spot Extraverts and Introverts?
  • How do Extraverts and Introverts see each other?
  • How can Extraverts and Introverts get the best out of each other?
  • Summary of Extraversion and Introversion

Sensing vs Intuitive

  • Introduction to Sensing and Intuition
  • How do you spot Sensors and Intuitors?
  • How do Sensing and Intuitive types see each other?
  • How can Sensors and Intuitors get the best out of each other?
  • Summary of Sensing vs Intuition

Thinking vs Feeling

  • Introduction to Thinking and Feeling
  • How do you spot Thinkers and Feelers?
  • How do Thinking and Feeling types see each other?
  • How can Thinkers and Feelers get the best out of each other?
  • Summary of Thinking and Feeling

Judging vs Perceiving

  • Introduction to Judging vs Perceiving
  • How do you spot Judgers and Perceivers?
  • How do Judging and Perceiving types see each other?
  • vHow can Judgers and Perceivers get the best out of each other?
  • Summary of Judging vs Perceiving

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About the tutor

Bill McAneny

  • Organisational Psychologist, Author, Consultant, Teacher
  • Author of 'Frankenstein's Manager,' which outlines why management training does not lead to better performing managers
  • Advisor to the Boards of several global organisations in North America, Europe and the Middle East
  • Taught Psychology at the International Management Academies in Brussels and Stockholm
  • Specialist in Management Due Diligence for Private Equity
  • Speaker, broadcaster