Managing Change Course

Spot when change is necessary and take people with you! Communicate confidently, really understand why people resist change and what to do about it.


  • Change happens, get to grips with it by really understanding the need for change, and the consequences of not changing
  • Confidently and clearly communicate change and the actions needed to get there.
  • Understand your team, their different responses to change and how best to manage them.
  • Cover all the bases in a change project with an 8 step process to follow.
  • No fluff, all the practical skills you need to manage change in a way that’s effective, engaging and smooth.

Course content

Change management

  • The overarching context for change
  • Charles Handy’s Sigmoid Curve
  • Communicating change
  • Getting buy-in
  • Managing the context for change

The reasons people resist change

  • Why do people resist change?
  • A model for plotting change within your team

Kotter’s eight stage model

  • A process to structure change
  • Helps you drive through change within your team

Attitude and behaviour

  • How to just drive change through if necessary


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  • 9 on-demand videos
  • 5 online quizzes
  • 1 online practice conversation
  • Supplementary Course Resources
  • Also accessible on mobile and TV

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Course Description

As a manager driving change you understand what needs to happen and why. But is it that clear for your people? This course will provide you with all the skills to spot when change is necessary, communicate the need for change in the right way and understand why people resist change. We also have a model for change so you can drive it through effectively while taking people with you.

Whether you’re new to management and learning how to bring about changes within your team, or you’re an experienced manager looking for a methodology to restructure an organisation, we’ll guide you through the process so you can smoothly transition, bringing your team along with you.

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Carla has over 14 years of learning and development experience and enjoys working with people on their development and supporting them through behavioural change. Want to learn more?