Interviewing Course

Get hiring decisions right, every time! Build confidence in this essential skill, from planning for the interview to mastering questioning techniques.


  • Be confident and well prepared, know what you need to do upfront and get it done
  • Master questioning techniques, we’ll give you the skills so you don’t miss a thing!
  • Take great notes and don’t forget anything! We’ll show you how to capture a complete picture for assessing afterwards.
  • Make sense of it all, get to a confident, well informed selection.

Course content

Preparing for the interview

  • An overview of Interviewing Good Practice
  • Preparing a job description
  • Drafting your interview questions

Running the interview

  • Getting the interview off to a good start
  • Asking the right questions
  • How to take good notes while interviewing
  • How to close the interview positively

After the interview

  • Selecting the right candidate
  • Getting back to people

Interactive activities

  • Practice asking probing questions and see how much they can help explore key areas
  • Practice different questionning techniques and see the types of responses they elicit


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  • 10 on-demand videos
  • 4 online quizzes
  • 2 online practice conversations
  • Supplementary Course Resources
  • Also accessible on mobile and TV

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Course Description

Interviewing and creating interview questions are an essential skill for managers, so you need to get it right, for them, for you, for your team and the wider business. Learn how to plan for the interview, assess exactly what’s really needed for the job, and build a brilliant list of interview questions. Get it right on the day by mastering questioning techniques, taking clear notes, and bringing things to close. We also take you through how to make sense of everything and provide positive feedback to all the candidates.

This course is great if you’re a new manager looking to gain confidence in the whole process, or an experienced manager looking to brush on your skills. Get the best out of your interviews with so you’re well equipped for that crucial decision.

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