Appraisals Course

Drive up performance and motivate people. Build confidence to run brilliant, engaging and ultimately productive appraisals for you and your team.


  • Don’t just tick the box, conduct productive, structured and motivational appraisals.
  • Get set up for a really positive session, learn how to prepare yourself and your people.
  • Learn how to create an open, honest discussion, how to ask the right questions and really listen with skill to make the most of the answers!
  • Make sure feedback is spot on with our practical steps.
  • Use SMART goals for complete clarity, what gets measured gets done!

Course content

Preparing for appraisals

  • What are appraisals and why should we do them?
  • The structure of the appraisal
  • Preparing yourself for the appraisal
  • Preparing your employees for their appraisals
  • An appraisal preparation template and checklist
  • Appraisal tips and formalities

Creating open dialogue

  • Why it’s important to have open dialogue
  • Asking questions and maintaining engagement
  • Listening and summarising

Giving feedback

  • Why it’s important to give feedback
  • How to give feedback
  • Examples of feedback

Goal setting

  • What SMART goals are and why you should use them
  • Determining the performance objectives
  • Agreement and communication

Closing the appraisal and following up

  • Why and how to close the appraisal
  • Follow up and review


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  • 17 on-demand videos
  • 6 online quizzes
  • 1 online practice conversation
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Course Description

Great staff appraisals are crucial to team morale and performance. Here you’ll gain all the skills to get the best out of the process. Some managers worry so much about appraisals that they become no more than a quick chat or are ignored completely. Don’t miss out!

Our appraisals course will ensure you have all the practical skills you need to conduct brilliant appraisals. You will gain the confidence, ability and understanding to conduct performance appraisal that will really engage and motivate your staff. For new managers who are about to conduct their first appraisal, or an experienced manager who just wants to make sure everything is covered, Skilful will give you all the skills you need to make the appraisal process engaging, productive and positive for everyone involved.

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Looking for a cost effective pragmatic management development tool? Skilful WILL BE YOUR ANSWER. It's intuitive and easy to navigate
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About the tutor

Bill McAneny Organisational Psychologist, Board advisor to several global organisations, Consultant, specialist in Management Due Diligence for Private Equity, speaker, lectured at the International Management Academies in Stockholm and Brussels, broadcaster, author of 'Frankenstein's Manager' which outlines how we can all be great managers, creator of the Prelude Character Analysis, designer of many intelligent online learning and assessment systems.